Xenophobia witnessed in South Africa, is nothing but common nonsense.

It’s sad that a country can give birth to a person of insurmountable human dignity such as Nelson Mandela, and still have a xenophobic populace that abhors the quality of human life, as witnessed in South Africa. Guys Scott, a white man of Scotland ancestry became the vice president of Zambia in 2011.Barrack Obama, a black man of Kenyan ancestry, became the president of America in 2008, yet xenophobia still forms part of our conversations. It’s ironical that ‘Ubuntu philosophy’- a philosophy that advocates for humanity/humanness towards one another, is actually an ethical concept borrowed from the Zulu tribe of South Africa.

Nelson Mandela did not serve 27 years in prison, to emancipate his people, only for them to blame their failures on the harsh realities of the world. The harsh reality that,if one doesn’t get educated,another qualified person will get that white collar job instead of them.South African’s have to realise that, if they don’t put their land to good use but instead sell it for meagre sums, a buyer will make exponential returns on the investment capital they hurriedly took for quick cash.The unequal distribution of wealth and opportunities in south Africa,has nothing to do with resident employees from other countries.These are concerns that should be directed to their government. Hurting foreigners is definitely not a solution.

A keen eye on world politics, proves the xenophobia wave in South Africa, is in fact not an isolated event. From Donald trump to Geert Wilders of the Netherlands, the world is witnessing the emergence of far right leaders, ready to push the agenda of populism, with total disregard of the human implications therewith. Populism isn’t a bad idea when its alive to the fact that, all human beings were born free and equal, in dignity and rights. The kind of populism that isn’t alive to such facts is wrong and, nothing but common nonsense.

Published by oyugimisinjro

I am an environmental engineer with a penchant for good governance and,respect for the rule of law.

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