Kenya needs less prayers,and more action.

Just to correct any misconceptions. I’m a practising Christian, born of a catholic father and, a protestant mother covered by 1000 ounces of the blood of Jesus. I have no qualms about prayer but, I believe obsession with it breeds contempt. This being an election year, Kenyans are bound to develop haughty disdains towards each other, largely due to incitement from most of our politicians. The country’s panic button goes off right about this time, sending us into some praying frenzy. From fasting in churches to gathering in sports stadiums, we never fall short of acts that serve to show our purist adherence to religion.

Despite all this, I think most of us lack an understanding of how prayer works. We suffer from the “type amen mentality”, a fallacy that borders on ignorance of the scripture. Prayers, become useless, when not backed by complimentary deeds. For prayers to work, we have to go out and, preach peace. We have to vehemently deny our politicians, the ability to turn us against one other. The Christian God expects this of us, when he says “love your neighbour as you love yourself”.

Democracy, equality, peace and, inherent human rights were not solely achieved through prayers. They were achieved by resilient men and women of God, who besides praying, put their bodies and souls on the line, for their beliefs. From Montgomery to Soweto, Rev. Martin Luther King and Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu, led their congregants in the fight for justice. Despite sufficient “amens” in their congregation, Rev King and Archbishop Tutu, took the fight (non-physical confrontation) to their oppressors. They knew God was not going to send Jesus down to fight for them.

Kenya needs more action than prayers. We cash blank checks when we pray and keep quiet about injustices in the society. We should do more than just calling God’s name. We should write, tweet, and demonstrate peacefully against what isn’t right. While at it, let’s learn to be objective in our arguments and, tolerant in our disagreements. Let’s complement the Hallelujah in us by positive action. We owe it to our children that this country stays safe.

Published by oyugimisinjro

I am an environmental engineer with a penchant for good governance and,respect for the rule of law.

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