The silver lining in COVID-19.

Two local engineers assembled a ventilator from locally available materials, the trade Cabinet secretary quickly linked them with kenyan research institutes to develop a prototype that would meet international standards. A textile factory in kitui is making 30,000 surgical masks a day-we barely made any before as a country. Kenya medical research institute has comeContinue reading “The silver lining in COVID-19.”

A right to vote,not a right to fight.

“If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything”-Malcom X. This statement best personifies us, the Kenyan people. I would be at pains to explain what we really stand for. Barely do we read from the same script as people of one Nation. The constitution which is supposed to instil a sense ofContinue reading “A right to vote,not a right to fight.”

Xenophobia witnessed in South Africa, is nothing but common nonsense.

It’s sad that a country can give birth to a person of insurmountable human dignity such as Nelson Mandela, and still have a xenophobic populace that abhors the quality of human life, as witnessed in South Africa. Guys Scott, a white man of Scotland ancestry became the vice president of Zambia in 2011.Barrack Obama, aContinue reading “Xenophobia witnessed in South Africa, is nothing but common nonsense.”

Kenya needs less prayers,and more action.

Just to correct any misconceptions. I’m a practising Christian, born of a catholic father and, a protestant mother covered by 1000 ounces of the blood of Jesus. I have no qualms about prayer but, I believe obsession with it breeds contempt. This being an election year, Kenyans are bound to develop haughty disdains towards eachContinue reading “Kenya needs less prayers,and more action.”

Corruption in Kenya and, its diagnosis of multiple personality disorder.

Corruption in Kenya suffers from multiple personality disorder.This is an obvious diagnosis given it’s  shifting identity.We lost the war on corruption  before it began, because of the biased multifaceted approach of dealing with the vice. Any exposé on corruption prompts divergent views in the country’s social sphere. Pseudo activists pop up with all manner of conspiracies,Continue reading “Corruption in Kenya and, its diagnosis of multiple personality disorder.”