Because I have a platform to address Kenyans…

Most of our politicians are masters of double speak. They get to power using the wagon of our interests but, abandon us to become sycophants of the executive. Negative ethnicity has become so pervasive and entrenched in our society because of them. Our politicians will preach against negative ethnicity in public but, this isn’t the most revered sermon within their circles. Expecting them to deal with tribalism is like expecting a robber to sell a home safe. The explanation is simple, they can’t poop in their own nest.

We live together in harmony but we are ready to slice each other’s throat at our politician’s behest. Why give them such unlimited powers without supervision? Why be so subservient to them yet, they are our servants and, we their masters. They pretend to like you from their tribe and hate me from ”the other’’ tribe but in truth, they detest both of us. You and I are both means to their ends.

They tell us to give birth to increase “our” support base, despite the struggles we encounter, raising the few children that we have.Our struggles seem to matter less, in their grand scheme of things. They tell us to chase other communities from “our” land, despite the fact that we are all Kenyans. They see us as a support base, but not as diligent citizens that work hard every day to earn a decent living. They see us as votes but not as diligent citizens that need proper representation that reflects on our well-being.

With their “man eat man mentality”, our politicians will spill acrimonious rhetoric, inciting us against each other. They will sound drum beats of war with slapstick justifications. Our habit of buying into this justifications unequivocally, does not help, because we end up fighting a proxy war on their behalf. In principle most of them agree the public coffers are theirs to loot, there differences arise on the strategies of looting. They  increase their pay significantly, in a coherent show of greed.Mind you,there’s normally no mention of the country’s minimum wage at this point.The best oxymoron to describe them is, their difference is the same.

The machete wielding vigilantes are enemies of progress but, you and I are the terrorists. I say terrorists because, we have the power of information but, we chose to pick what fits our prejudiced narratives. We fan political temperatures online just because it’s easier to conform to existing trends. We hardly try to stand for what is right. We so often miss the point, because our obsession lies in the identity of the messenger and, not the message. We are hell bent at squashing any dissenting opinion, just because the messenger isn’t from our bloc.

We give our leaders our votes and, not our brains. That means we still have the ability to think for ourselves after elections. Let’s advocate for a society governed by the constitution and not by politicians. We cannot justify wrong deeds just because the perpetrators wear a familiar mask or, have  familiar faces. I believe life is a series of doors, sometimes you get to choose the doors you go through, sometimes you do not. We do not have to go through the door of Negative ethnicity. We can chose to go through the doors of peace and national cohesion.

This does not mean we shouldn’t be political. We should by all means, because I believe a country is as good as its politics. I believe we can be political in an urbane way. A way that tolerates different opinions and, accepts criticism of ideas. Our differences in opinion should never be a source of squabble.Contrary to what many of us think, we are of a shared downfall or prosperity. I refuse to believe I’m walking a beaten path, neither should you. There is so much to admire in our ethnic diversity. Let’s stand against negative ethnicity

Published by oyugimisinjro

I am an environmental engineer with a penchant for good governance and,respect for the rule of law.

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